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Crafting Everlasting Memories

A unique landscape that captures the magic of eternal love. For an unforgettable ceremony.


Amidst the grandeur of chandeliers, where opulence shines and so does your love.

Within these elegant walls, every corner whispers tales of romance and timeless elegance. As crystal reflections cast enchanting glows, let your love story shine brightest amidst this backdrop of sophistication.


Our events

Crafted by the elements, tailored for you.


Wedding options

All are welcome.

Celebrate your special day in style with our exquisite wedding options. The Champagne Ballroom, with its soaring 30-foot ceilings, provides a grand setting for up to 840 guests. For a more intimate affair, the Bordeaux Ballroom offers a charming ambiance for 450 attendees.


Grand Receptions

The Champagne Ballroom
Up to 840 Guests

Step into elegance and grandeur at "The Champagne Ballroom," our largest indoor wedding venue option. Make your special day unforgettable.


Elegant Ceremonies

The Champagne & Bordeaux Ballroom
Up to 500 Guests

Experience the epitome of elegance at our Champagne and Bordeaux ballrooms. Perfect for elegant ceremonies, these exquisite venues will captivate your guests.


Outdoor Wedding

Le Ferme 
(Coming Soon)

Embark on a rustic romance at "Le Ferme," our soon-to-be unveiled outdoor wedding venue nestled on a picturesque farm. Coming soon!



Exquisite elegance adorns every corner.

This unparalleled venue emanates pure elegance and sophistication. Every facet, from the sparkling chandeliers to the delicate tablescapes, signifies pure luxury. Its timeless architecture, graced with modern elements, perfectly balances grandeur and comfort. Enveloped in a warm ambience, it promises an extraordinary experience of distinguished refinement and class.


Food & drinks

Organic, fresh,

Savor the artistry on your plate, crafted meticulously by our five-star international chef. Each dish is not just food, but a testament to culinary finesse, reflecting a blend of global flavors and techniques. Dive into this gourmet journey, where every bite tells a story of passion and perfection.

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